• Positive Futures Course

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     Positive Futures Course


    Week 1: Just diagnosed. What now?:

        What does it all mean? Is it the end of the world?

        The clinic and my consultant. CD4’s and Viral Load. What does it mean?

        Am I going to get ill?

        How can I stay healthy?

    Week 2: Disclosure (telling others about your HIV status) & talking about my HIV:

        Who shall I tell? Do I have to tell?

        What support is there for me, in my local area and online?

        Talking to my doctor. What should I be asking? What should they be telling me?

    Week 3: Partners, Sex and having a baby:

        Will I pass on HIV to my partner?

        One of us is HIV+, one is not. How do we manage?

        Safer sex and unprotected sex. What should I know?

        I have a new partner. What will I say?

        Is passing on HIV against the law?

    Week 4: Medication and treatment. What to expect:

        How long will my treatment last for?

        What are my medication options?

        What about side effects?

        Sticking to my medication (adherence). How can I do this?

        Medication changes and medication holidays/breaks.

        Travelling abroad with medication. What should I do?

    Week 5: Your Rights and Dealing with difficulties:

        Your rights at work and in services. Disability Discrimination Act and the Equality Act.

        Dealing with your emotions.

        Dealing with stigma and ignorance.

    Week 6: On your way. Are you ready?:

        Revisiting our previous sessions.

        Staying in control and managing your health condition.

        What if I have a wobble? How will I cope?

        Goodbyes and staying in touch.

    Additional benefits of attending include:

        Peer support from others in similar situations.

        Access to or referral to counselling or other services.

        Access to an appointment buddy (Dudley, Sandwell clients only) to attend a maximum of two HIV clinic appointments.

    Contact us for more information or to book a place on our next Positive Futures programme


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